Is the android img for hikey complied use aosp?

I have download the android img from this link

My question is that is the android img in above link compiled by the official git or the linaro have modify some code to fit the hikey.

If linaro have modify the code ,where can I find the source code that be modified.

Hi @xuelang,

The android image you have refereed is build with the following script which describes where the code from.

Also, these are the links of building Android from source on HiKey.

Thank you very much.Yesterday I have flash the android 5.0 img( to Hikey and I found some problem of HIMI output.The HIMI output will lose signal sometime.After that I have to shutdown the power and reset the Hikey,this confused me very much.Is this a bug of aosp code? Do you have some solutions about this?