Is OPTEE supported in Hikey960



Is there any update regarding OPTEE support for Hikey 960 board?

Also need to know whether Secure Data Path (SDP) using Hardware Decoder is possible or not for Hikey 960.


Just two useful links for OP-TEE support on Hikey960:

For SDP, I think @sumit.garg and @vchong may give more info for this.


@sayan One of our community users shared his hikey960 aosp optee setup @, but afaik sdp isn’t enabled on this.


Hi @vchong

Ok. I understand. Thanks for information. But yes, SDP support is what I am searching for :slight_smile:




Try this:

git clone -b lc-ref-hikey
cd optee_android_manifest

SDP is enabled on this. I’m not sure about hardware decoding but seems like @peter-griffin already answered your question.


Hi @vchong

Thanks for your reply.

Basically I am currently able to run SDP Xtest for Hikey620. But I am trying to run SDP stream with software decoding in Hikey620 so that I may follow that and do similar for Hikey960.

But while investigating SDP with Software decoder, I stuck.