Is LE OS image identifical to the image built from codeaurora?


Is the Platform Image ( LE OS I think ) identifical to the image which is built from code aurora repo?

If not, what’s differences between them?


I got Thundercomm’s reply: code from code aurora only contains open source part, not including private code.
And I tried it, it could not be used to build an image, which is lack of some required dependents to build.

The “LE OS” platform image is provided by Thundercomm. I don’t think they are monitoring this forum here. I recommend you contact them directly (if I remember they have forums on their website too).

And the answer to the question is that LE OS is most likely based on CAF, but they might have changes on top too…


I have gotten response from Thundercomm. And tried to build it but it lacks of some dependents