Is it possible to usb I2C-0 in HS mode?

Hi, Sir

I try to use I2C-0 in HS mode (1MHz) from LS Expansion Connector.

I read the peripherals_programming_guide, but it seems only for Android.

I want use it on the Ubuntu. Could someone provide information about it?

Thansk a lot!

To change the operating clk frequency change the value of “clock-frequency” property in the device node (inside device tree file arch/arm64/boot/dts/qcom/apq8016-sbc.dtsi) for the i2c bus of interest. Current release does not set this, which makes it fall back to default value which is 100kHz.

For more information please refer to device tree bindings at:,i2c-qup.txt?id=refs/tags/v4.4-rc1


Hi, srini
Thansk for you reply. I will try and check the result.