Is hikey i2s only supports bluetooth interface?

Hey guys,

While understanding about the hikey i2s and its driver.
I saw below lines in the i2s driver (hi6210-i2s.c)
This driver only deals with S2 interface (BT)

Is that mean it only supports bluetooth or can we connect the codec kind of things?

In general we can connect audio codec chip on Low speed expansion header,however Linaro has to give DMA driver to write pcm data to I2S device.May be “Daniel Thompson” from Linaro can help you on this…

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Hi @danielt,

Can you please help me in this.

I studied the i2s driver of the hikey and it seems it had dma driver for it.

Not yet!

I remember working with @niruyadla to hack together USB audio on Hikey but I think it was someone else at Linaro who helped get I2S running (actually I think this thread might be the first time anyone has confirmed working I2S on Hikey on the forum).

I’ll ask around…

To follow up, I’m very sorry, but I can’t find anyone who has had this working. I’m afraid we have no instructions to help you get anything working.

Even I am stuck in some place, the existing platform driver supports only BT interface, it would be great if someone from Linaro help us.

If I am planning to write the i2s driver for the expansion header,
Where can I find the registers and the values that I need to write into them?

I looked into Function Description, But I didn’t find any info related to the registers that I need to use for the i2s driver to enable the pins on the low-speed expansion header.

Am I missing anything or where can I find the information that I need.

Are the i2s pins that exposed at the low-speed expansion header configured for the PCM lines or I need to configure them?

I tried understanding those but no use.

It seems I am missing something.

Can anyone understand about those lines that exposed at the low-speed expansion header on the hikey board?

Do I need to add pinctrl things in the dts file?

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