Is DragonBoard 845c support OpenCL on Android AOSP project?

Hi 96Board,

We are developing some OpenCL related function on Android.

But we did not find any library named with OpenCL

In Google Pixel4 we could find in the /vendor/lib64/

Could you help to find the library path on AOSP project?

In the introduction DB845 is labeled OpenCL™ 2.0 full profile

Thank you.


the mention in the introduction is about what the hardware is capable of.

AOSP builds are using the open source freedreno GPU driver (from Mesa), and the open source driver does not support OpenCL.
On the Pixel4 device , running the Android product image, they are using QCOM proprietary driver, which provides OpenCL support.

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Hi ndec,

Thank you for your information.

So if we wanna doing some heterogeneous computation on GPU on db845c Vulkan could be a choice?