Is changed requirement for compiling?

I did downdown TB 96AioT source down 2 month ago.
then I did sucess to build on 16.04 ubuntu linux.

I did update BSP update with repo sync , then i fail to build
because Textinfo is not found and make version is too old

I download them from above site

but errors appear in compiling

source buildroot/build/
checking menu.h presence... yes
checking for menu.h... yes
checking form.h usability... yes
checking form.h presence... yes
checking for form.h... yes
checking for new_panel in -lpanel... no
configure: error: panel library not found
make[1]: *** [package/ 

i think TB96AIoT BSP is unstable

When building buildroot.
after execute the command “buildroot/build/”

should choose the option “rockchip_rk1808”, (10 for old sdk, but 12 for new sdk).

and should
execute “cd buildroot” firstly
execute " make"

Sorry for the mistake of compiling steps.