Is Android.hardware.camera2 api support in the hikey 960?


Am trying to create an android application by using the camera 2 API, Am getting the error like " camera hardware module doesn’t exist " .

Is the hikey 960 board will support the camera 2 API ?

Android version is : Build.VERSION.RELEASE is " O "
Build.VERSION.SDK_INT is " 25 ".

When am checking the version in the hikey960 board it is giving two different version related information like version name & version code.These two values are not related to the one version.

Why it is giving two different android versions information, It should be one android version information either Android N or Android O ?

It doesn’t have a CAMERA, how can it have a HAL for something that doesn’t exist?

If you want camera support, you will have to find a camera, and write a HAL for it.