Instructions to build kernel and firmware from source


Are and the appropriate procedure to setup the hikey lemaker board from source ?

Section 8 of the first link says that the instructions need to be updated. If so where can I find updated instructions ?
If I build from source do I manually have to build wifi and Bluetooth driver or is it included in the kernel build itself ?


The latest should be here:

Thanks vchong. Out of curiosity, what is the difference between the Linaro documentation vs the 96boards documentation ? Linaro documentation also has procedure on how to build firmware from source and there is another wiki page(as pointed out in my first post. Why are there 2 set of instructions and which one should you generally use ?

Hi @raghu-ncstate,

The Linaro Reference Platform Build is meant to be for the person who would like to use 96Boards for up-streaming and/or develop from source so it is uses more recent kernel version plus sources from Linaro activities included while the releases on 96Boards were meant to be for the person who would like to use the 96Boards out of the box and focusing completeness of the hardware enablement.

However, on the situation of the HiKey, Reference Platform Build 16.06 is good for both use-cases mentioned above since latest Reference Platform Build is 16.06 while the last member LT build is 15.11.