Installing linux debian via the sd card and/or USB stick


hi there

As far as i understand I can follow this link to install the image using an sd card.
Installing Image using an SD Card Image

Can I do the same using a USB stick, and then just select usb boot on the dip switch?

I am asking because I am currently having issues with reading my sd card on my laptop, but I have no issues with the sd card n a friends laptop, so it is just my laptop, and I am looking for a way around this and that is use a usb stick on my laptop. And this process seems the easiest(and the only one I know, i am currently looking at the other options e.g. fastboot). I have a windows laptop.



no this is not possible. The USB boot mode wouldn’t let you boot a ‘regular’ Linux system. The USB boot mode is a special mode that can be used for flashing from the PC using USB. To flash over USB you need a PC host program that understands and ‘talks’ the custom protocol. There is no such tool available (publicly) right now that can be used to flash Linux or Android builds (at least not yet).