Install the dTPM


I have a question.
Currently i’m trying to connect the dTPM (Manufacturer. NationZ) to I2C on DragonBoard(Win10 IoT Core).
But it does not work.
Of course, I know there is a fTPM in DragonBoard, but I want to use dTPM.
(In the case of fTPM, the endorsement key value of TPM are changed continuously at reboot.)
Is there a Lib defined for the dTPM installation in the BSP of the DB?
If not, is there a way to use fTPM like dTPM without changing Endorsement Key?



The “Windows 10 IoT MSDN Support Forum” is probably a better place to discuss Windows 10 IoT. We do see the occasionally reply to Win10 questions raised here but you’ll be likely to attract more eyeballs on the Microsoft site because there is a bigger community of Windows 10 IoT users hanging out there: