Install Tensorflow onto Hikey 970 with HiAI support?

I’m testing Hikey 970, with Lebuntu installed.

I just wonder if I can build Tensorflow onto Hikey 970 with HiAI SDK support? If so, how? Any manual for that?


Hi ,

Hi AI is not released by Huawei for linux . Whenever we get it we will include and release it with the existing tensforflow prebuilt image on lemaker site .

But thanks for the query . I will follow up to see when can we get it .

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Perhaps a bit silly to ask but is the ‘with prebuilt tensorflow’ not with prebuilt tensorflow?

Not sure if I understood your question right sorry if my answer is not exact but here it is .
Tensorflow is recompiled for this board to use architecture level improvements so it performs better in this image.

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Hi, shunya:

it seems HiSilicon will NEVER provides the NPU support for Linux users?
Are they support Android users ONLY?