information Hikey 970!!

I would like to know the release date of the new Hikey 970.
I saw in a video on youtube that the model Hikey 970 will be able to install the distro linux both Ubuntu and Debian but in 32 bit or 64 bit?
Another question, this board can you install Brother printers of any model?
My printer model and Brother MFC-J4420DW.
how do you install it ?.
Thank you and I await your answers.
But first I have to wait for this Hikey 970 board to come out, while I would like to know how to install a printer driver.
Thanks, I’m waiting for answers.

Not quite sure of the exact release date as this point. We’re expecting it “real soon” (e.g. weeks not months) but ultimately it is not up to us… it is something the board vendor has to decide.

I’d expect the distros to run in 64-bit (just like they do in regular Hikey).

Regarding the printer, all the code to drive the printer needs to come from Debian/Ubuntu so its not really related to hikey 970. If there is an open source driver for these printers then they should work OK. If they rely on proprietary drivers then you’d have to ask whoever provides those drivers. Does the printer work on Debian-for-x86?