Imx230/imx214 camera sensor support in db820c


Hi Nico/Todor,

From 4.14 branch, I could see ov7251 sensor (RAW10), 640x480 resolution is supported.

Does that mean, imx230/imx214 raw Bayer sensors are supported/ isp hw processing for Bayer sensors is supported?



Hi pradeep

Did you manage to get imx214 support on Linux?


Hi @ribalda,

I have not worked on it, since i was busy with some other work but you can take ov7251 as driver reference and progress on it to get raw data from sensor. For the processing, we can see later.

I will start working on it soon. I will be in touch.



FYI: I have managed to get the imx214 driver upstream


Great to know. Good Job Ribalda.