Image Quality of OV5640 and OV5645 on DragonBoard410c


I’m testing the OV5645 camera module (KLT-OV5645-Y660B V2.1) from KaiLapTech and the OV5640 camera module (LI-OV5640-MIPI-AF) from Leopard Imaging using D3 Camera Mezzanine board in Linux.

The driver for OV5640 seems to handle AE, AWB and AF but the image from the OV5640 seem to have lots of noise in low light and it is zoom out very far as I believe it has been cropped from the full 5MP resolution to 1080p and according to this github’s issue, it seems that we need to wait until the next release.

The OV5645 driver doesn’t support AF and the color is very greenish. However, the full 5MP resolution is supported and the view angle is much wider. Has anyone got the auto focus working on OV5645? and does anyone experience the issue with the color of the image?