Idea to do automatic OS provisioning on Poplar?

Hi all, currently i have an own built yocto image running on Poplar board.
I have my boot and rootfs flashed in different partition of the pendrive.

In term of validation, i would like to have a fresh environment to run my test, hence I am seeking a way like “factory reset” to bring my board back to the clean state.

Previously i was running my test on Raspberry Pi and, with the aid of NOOBS, i can add a flag in a config file (recovery.cmdline), and, once i reboot, Raspberry Pi will automatically “formatted”

So guys, do you have any idea i can do this on Poplar board ?


NOOBS on Pi is essentially a recovery partition. This is usually just a
second rootfs that has just enough stuff enabled to be able to recreate
the main rootfs.

All that still applies to poplar. A second minimal root image (probably
containing a tarball of the main root image) and a couple of u-boot
tricks to cause it to boot the alternative root image should be