I2S slave mode

I have connected an external codec to the quaternary I2S. I have configured it for the audio capture. When the 410 is configured as master, It can able to capture the frames. But when I try to change it to slave, it is capturing only 0 frames.

Changes I made to make it as slave:
mi2s_snd_startup() - changed to SND_SOC_DAIFMT_CBM_CFM
in mi2s_tx_clk structure - Q6AFE_LPASS_CLK_SRC_EXTERNAL
Is these the right changes to be made?

Does anyone know, Is it possible to configure the Quaternary I2S to work in slave mode? If so, what are all the parameters to be changed?

Davidson. K

Hi @davidson,

I have a feeling that the driver is only implemented and tested when the DB410C is configured as master.

You may have to jump in to the discussion of the driver.

How did you configure QUAT_MI2S to capture? What changes did you make?