I2S Mezzanine Now Available for just $96

More info/Order Now: I2S Mezzanine | GroupGets


The 96Boards I2S mezzanine (Designed by Adam Serbinski aka @doitright ) is the latest community inspired add-on board promoted to funding on GroupGets. It is an awesome audio mezzanine contribution to the 96Boards Community Mezzanine Initiative.


  • 85mm x 54mm
  • Multiple stereo outputs driven by dual PCM5142 with programmable DSP
    • TPA6110A2 headphone amp
    • Dual line out
  • Can be configured as dual-stereo (typical) using I2S, or for 4-channel output with TDM
  • Three stereo line inputs and stereo mic input going to PCM1865
  • Analog/digital mixing in PCM1865
  • GPIO controlled fixed regulator for low power consumption when not in use.
    • Jumper can set always on if GPIO-K is unavailable
  • Stackable design