I2s input


Hardware manual on page 15 has a note on expansion header pin 22 indicating that the board only supports i2s output. I require i2s input. I notice that they refer to the two [m]i2s data channels (0 and 1) as (O and I), suggesting that somebody could possibly have misread and misunderstood the purpose of the two channels (I.e. front channel and rear channel). I don’t see anything in the documentation for the apq8016 suggesting that channel 0 is restricted to output.

What is the real story here? Surely the i2s can be configured for input…?



To answer myself… contrary to the note in the hardware manual, MI2S1-D1 is actually present on the LS expansion connector, just not at pin22 where PCM_DI is specified. Rather it is connected at pin27 under GPIO-E. Presumably, this is because of the 96boards requirement that there be 12 GPIOs in specific locations on the header.