I2c bus for camera ov5640/ov5645


We are integrating some cameras for dragonboard 410c.I am just wondering which i2c bus kernel(linux) is using to initialize  camera module.(By the way,we built a camera adapter board called AiStarVsion MIPI adapter,which has interfaces for ov5645/5640/ov7251.It also has raspberry pi cameras interface...And i hope this adapter could also help others for their camera project)


Hi Kevin @W :

Example schematics for connecting an OV5645 are provided in the Camera App Note: https://developer.qualcomm.com/download/db410c/creating-camera-mezzanine-and-camera-flex-circuit-dragonboard.pdf The I2C connections are shown on the schematic. Use the I2C bus that is on pins 32 and 34 of the High Speed connector.

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Thanks ljking,then it would be I2C2

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