Hynix UFS does not work with Debian kernel

I haven’t been on these boards for a month and I see that there are still problems with installing Debian. The stock Debian kernel in the Linaro boot image does not work with Hynix UFS. There are fixes in the Android kernel for Hynix UFS quirks that are not in the Linaro linux kernel.

I’m not using the stock kernel, but a custom built kernel from github.com/TallGuy74/linux.git branch daedalean 4.14.0-rc7-linaro-hikey960+, and I fixed this with a patch:

The same or similar patch needs to be applied to the kernel shipped with the Linaro boot image for people to have any success with Debian on the Hikey 960 if it has the Hynix UFS chip fitted.


Thanks for reporting this.

Yes patch has been merged to hikey android branches: https://android-review.googlesource.com/q/I0d5b98c74d94c52161d3a26003d0d2127c9f2a26

But has not yet reached upstream (currently discussed):