How would I set up a PIR activated infrared camera?

im attempting to make a motion activated camera that works in the night with infrared but its impossible to find a tutorial for pir on an i96.
after a few youtube videos i ended up ordering Orange Pi GC2035 Camera Module 2MP 110 Degree with Night Vision Light Camera Board YUY2/MJPG 1600x1200| | - AliExpress but i have a few problems.

  1. how do i make the camera take an infrared picture?
  2. what pir sensor should i get?
  3. how would i set up a pir sensor?
  4. do i need a breadboard? ( this guy used one )
  5. is there a python library i can use to automate these? (taking a picture in infrared and normal / taking a picture when the pir detects motion)