How to use UVC USB camera on Android?


How to use UVC USB camera on Android?

I have tied to use UVC USB camera with Android O on HiKey960 board.
But I can not find out and use any camera.
How can I use a UVC USB camera?

I installed built AOSP images to the board and connected the UVC USB camera to the board.
After that I did this command: $adb shell with root mode for checking the connection.
However these was no /dev/video0, /dev/video1 … /dev/videoX by $ls /dev/vid*.
Is required any configuration of AOSP at the build step?


If there is no /dev/videoX, then it sounds like the first step may be to add drivers to the kernel. Next step will probably be to write (or copy) a HAL for it, or you could use something like ffmpeg to bypass the HAL altogether (depending on your needs).