How to update grub in HIKEy960


  1. What is the difference between GRUBAA64.efi file and the BOOTAA64.efi file present in /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT.

  2. I created a .efi file frum grub2 source, using grub-mkimage command. I need to update the grub in HIkey-960 target board.
    Can I directly replace the file in Hikey-960 bootable partition or do I need to flash the image?

If the new grub bootloader image need to be flashed, can you please share the procedure to flash it.

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AFAIK, both GRUBAA64.efi and BOOTAA64.efi are .efi executable. GRUBAA64.efi is the main grub executable file and BOOTAA64.efi is used as a fallback boot path or installer etc.

If you want to replace grub2 image then just replace GRUBAA64.efi in /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT location. And if you want to restore ESP to defaults then just flash “boot.img” using following fastboot cmd:

sudo fastboot flash boot boot-linaro-stretch-developer-hikey-*.img.