How to toggle gpio on Dragonboard 410c now that sys/clas/gpio and export are depricated

I’m using Debian #1125 which is currently as of Jan/24 the latest release from Linaro and it has sys/class/gpio built-in but sysfs is deprecated and toggling gpio in this way does not work…
As an alternative, I flashed Ubuntu Core and found that the gpio access did work nicely; but it used a proprietary snap interface. This could work except that unfortunately Ubuntu Core used an old kernel (version 4.17) which more importantly did not support the GPS stack running on Qualcomm’s DSP core, the way that Debian supports it.
So I deleted ubuntu core and went back to Debian.
I also tried the OE image but that didn’t support much off the shelf and looked like a lot of work in terms of building a custom Yocto image and including the stuff that I need with bitbake layers which would be fine but has a lot of things that can go wrong and therefore it would be my last resort.

So in summary, how can I toggle the Dragonboard 410c gpios in the Debian’s latest release #1125?
Thanks in advance.

Never mind I found here how to do it from a DB845 post.
For those who are interested (not likely because DB410c seems pretty quiet!) here is the link: