How to show ifconfig content?

when i type “ifconfig” command, it is nothing happen.
Can someone tell me how to show ifconfig content?

Thank you very much


i suppose that by nothing, you mean something like that:

bash: ifconfig: command not found

I am going to assume that you are using Debian, in which case you need to run with admin privileges:

sudo ifconfig

you can also get similar information with the command

ip addr

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Thank you for reply.

I just want to know the network interface (like lo, wlan0 …) status, so i type ifconfig in 410c console/adb shell, but get nothing, nothing happen, and not command not found.

Hi Austin,

You should have mentioned that you’re using Android. :wink:
Use netcfg instead of ifconfig.


Oh oh, sorry, it’s my mistake.
Thank you vchong.

netcfg can be used, thanks