How to resize boot partition size


Hi, all

Is there any way to resize the boot partition? I think the gpt_both0.bin is the target, but I don’t know how to edit it.


See discussion in below thread:



i have started to document how to create/update/customize GPT:

This is a first draft, that will be improved over time. Please give it a try and provide feedback. Our internal tools are still not using these scripts for generating the SD card and eMMC image, but they will be updated soon.


Hi, ndec

Great jobs!!

I have run it in my db410c, and it almost work if I just resize one partition. But I failed to add a new partition, by add a line in dragonboard410c/linux.txt. The diff file looks like:


I don’t know how to get the typecode guid, just run ‘uuidgen -r | tr a-z A-Z’ to get one.

Is it right?




to create new ‘regular’ partitions, you don’t need to set any typecode, I have added more details on the wiki for that.

if you still have errors, please provide full log.