How to install ubuntu desktop on hikey?


Does anybody know how to achieve this? Is it possible?

Ubuntu page says any machine support debian_installer would work. It appears hikey does not support that, right?

Any pointers?


It is possible but complex because you would almost certainly need to replace the ubuntu kernel with the one used on the Linaro RPB images.

The best starting point would be to install the RPB debian release to both eMMC and SD card. You can then use the SD card debian installation to run debootstrap (pointed to the ubuntu servers) to populate an /ubuntu directory on the eMMC. Finally you would be need to merge the file systems to preserve the /lib/modules and /boot directories from the debian build.

That will give you Ubuntu but, even then, its not ideal for Unity since the 3D graphics probably won’t work (and wouldn’t support full OpenGL if it did).


What do you mean not ideal for Unity?
I know it’s been 3 years since this post was posted.
I have been taking Unity tutorials for around a week or two now and I wanted to install it in my system.
But now you said it would not be ideal for unity and now does it mean it wont run or will there be issues with the graphics or something?


If you follow the instructions from my post then there will be no 3D graphics driver in the Ubuntu image. Adding one back (and other things such as WiFi firmware) is something anyone who decided to create a Ubuntu image for Hikey would have to do themselves.

In the case of graphics, even if you get the MALI driver running you will only have OpenGL ES. This might not be enough to run unity (really depends on whether Unity has GL ES support or if it requires for OpenGL).


I’ve just seen one of your other posts. In the context of running an Ubuntu desktop on Hikey then Unity means not .