How to install eclipse on db410 Debian system?

Hello ,
How to install eclipse on db410 Debian system and then develop applications directly on db410c?

In theory something like apt install eclipse-cdt should get eclipse installed. However eclipse needs a lot of RAM to provide a good experience; I doubt the DB410C has sufficient RAM to run eclipse effectively.

Eclipse does run on the 410c, but as daniel says, it requires a lot of RAM. You really need to build a swap file on the eMMC (about 2GB is enough), then it runs acceptably well. Without the swap file it will likely crash due to lack of space. I believe that the latest kernels also have “compressed RAM” which really helps, but is still not enough space.


Hello danielt and ljking,
Thank you very much , we will try to install eclipse with your recommend


hello danielt,
we can install the eclipse on debian9(17.09), by apt-get install eclipse
but not find the eclipse andidate on debian10(19.01), by apt-get install eclipse,
how to install the eclipse on debian10 ?

It looks like eclipse has been removed from Debian Buster:

I cannot think of another easy way to install Eclipse on DB410C.