How to generate bb_clk2 from PM8916?


We are using APQ8016 based custom board. We have a requirement in which we continuously require (bb_clk)clock from pad F3 of PM8916.

Currently, we are getting clock at pad F3 of PM8916 only at boot up time and again the clock signals are getting stopped.

We require continuous clock signal from this pad till the board is running.
Can any one help me to generate the clock from the kernel driver ?



It looks like the clock is registered in the kernel, and then later on disabled because no one is using it.

Can you please add “clk_ignore_unused” in your kernel bootargs and give it a try?

Hi Architt,

Thanks for your reply.We tried your suggestion but it didn’t help.

Is there any other solution available ?


Are you on Android or the Linaro Debian release?

Can you tell what the clock status is by checking:

cat /sys/kernel/debug/clock/summary | grep <clock_name>

Depending on which kernel you’re on, we can try to put a small hack which enables it during boot. Ideally, I think the driver that wants to use this clock should be the one that enables it.