How to fix/spoof wifi mac address on drangonboard 410c?



I am using android release from below link:

I have two dragonboard410c boards, and as the mac address for wifi interface is fixed in the firmware,
so when both the boards are connected to network they get the same ip address.So it creates conflict.

So can anyone suggest a way using which both the boards can get different mac addresses?
Is it possible to put a mac address in a file(as there is no eeprom in dragonboard410c) in any partition say persist partition,
which will be read at each boot and device will configure the mac address of the file for the wifi interface?

So How can I fix/spoof wifi mac address from android source?


Both boards end up with the same IP address, most likely because they have the same MAC address. Follow the instructions here: to ensure that each board has a unique MAC address, and I think your duplicated IP address problem will go away.


The Wifi, BT MAC Addr. doesn’t seem to work on my 410c.
The board is flashed with and steps followed from
android-bootloaders-v2 is the firmware used.
Observation for Wi-Fi:

  1. The Wifi MAC address is always 02:00:00:00 prior to ‘Turning On’ the Wifi.
  2. TurnOn the Wifi
  3. The MAC address is always 00:0a:f5:60:0c:04 irrespective of changes to the WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini
    a) The IP addr was read from “Settings->Wifi->Advanced” section
    b) The netcfg does not exist on this image.
    Would there additional steps that might have been missed out?
    Is anybody facing a same problem?