How to fix NVRAM Warning?

I compiled the AOSP, and then flash the images into X20 board.
After the board reboot, I met “NVRAM WARNING Err=0x10” message in WiFi Settings.
There are many ways to fix the warning, but I would like to know the reason and to fix without replacing WIFI and WIFI_CUSTOM files after android boot. Just I would like to fix the warning as flashing compiled images.
Please let me know if you know the ways.

I have exactly the same problem with one of my two X20 boards. Because the other board is working, I haven’t looked for a solution hard enough :slight_smile: . Still, would appreciate expert advice.


sorry for the late reply!

Because the NVRAM miss the WLAN MAC address , so when the wifi driver check the NARAM information, the driver can Release the warning message “NVRAM WARNING Err=0x10”.In order to facilitate debugging, the engineer treat the message as SSID, and submit the SSID to the WLAN list. So the warning message appear to the WiFi Settings, You can modify the wifi driver to fix the problem. In the kernel-3.18\drivers\misc\mediatek\connectivity\wlan\gen3\common\wlan_lib.c file, closing the macro definition CFG_SW_NVRAM_VERSION_CHECK to fix the problem.