How to enable Opencl support on hikey960?

I want to use ARM Compute Library on hikey960, which uses mali GPU through OpenCL.

But it seems that OpenCL is not enable at present? How can i use it ?


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Still waiting for OpenCL on my Mate 9 Pro.

I have encountered the same problem…

hikey960:/data/opencl/hello_world_opencl # ./hello_world_opencl 
OpenCL error: Unknown error
Retrieving OpenCL platforms failed. common.cpp:233
Failed to create an OpenCL context. hello_world_opencl.cpp:39

It seems that the corresponding driver hasn’t been released…


OpenCL isn’t supported on Android. Vulkan is.

There is an ongoing discussion wrt enabling OpenCL on Linux. We will give updates accordingly.


Tanks for reply.
Hope linux with opencl can be available soon,

Hi @yang,

Is there any progress on supporting OpenCL on Linux? I really want to test ARM Compute Library with both NEON and GPU acceleration.

Thank you

Yeah, come on, the first affordable G71-powered OpenCL 2.0 compliant embedded platform and no OpenCL drivers? Not even on Android?!


OpenCL is being enabled as we speak. This is planned to be made available for review in next two weeks.

But this will start from Android first.


Thanks Yang. Please update this thread when a new OpenCL-enabled BSP is available.

Hi @yang

Just wondering if there are any updates on OpenCL support? Our team is really excited to try this out when it’s ready.

Many thanks!

Hi Tyler

Unfortunately this remains as an open item under discussion between multiple parties, in particular with HiSilicon and arm. At this point in time, I could not advise a time frame.


Thanks for the update Yang. I’ll check back periodically for news.

Hi Yang, We are also looking to use OpenCL on Hikey 960. I understand that you may not have any updates as of today. Just wanted to let you know that more people are looking for OpenCL on HiKey 960 :slight_smile:


BTW, based on ARM website the Mali G71 supports OpenCL 2.0. Does this mean that it is on Hisilicon?


Eventually OpenCL support will come from arm instead of HiSilicon indeed. We are also waiting for delivery timeframe.


Any updates on this front?



I believe you can already contact Arm directly to obtain an Arm Mali driver with support for OpenCL1.2 with SPIR-V on HiKey960.

We are still waiting for official drop from Arm though.



Hi @yang,

Any updates on OpenCL for the HiKey960? Who/what department do I contact at ARM for access to the OpenCL libmali?


Bas Vermeulen

We are expecting to have OpenCL2.0 for Android/Linux in 3 weeks time.

Stay tuned


Cool, looking forward to the release!

Bas Vermeulen