How to Enable i2s/pcm on expansion header of HIkey960?

We purchased Audio Mezzanine board from the below link

Connected Audio Mezzanine board to hikey960 expansion header.
However I don’t see i2s0_pmx_func, i2s0_cfg_func these pin controls are mapped into hi3660.dtsi file

Please help me to configure these pins into “hi3660.dtsi” along with right “dmas”
And I guess we need to make some changes in sound/soc/hisilicon/hisi-i2s.c to drive pcm data to SIO0(Sonic input/output).
SIO0 is SIO_AUDIO, which plays and records music, and supports the inputs and outputs in the I2S and PCM formats

We found from the below link

Known Issues

The following are known issues on the current release.

Not Yet Supported
Expansion bus audio. (At present Bluetooth audio and HDMI are supported)

Do we know when can we expect this feature gets enable?

I don’t think the AUDIO MEZZ boards supports I2S. For audio this board
relies on the (not-standardized) analog connector on the DB410C.

The UART and level shifters (and price) do still make this an
interesting board but I think the audio features only work with a

We are looking to redirect PCM data from shared memory to USB speaker on Android platforms.
Currently we are using hikey960 development board, do you have any insight on how to redirect audio from arm shared memory to USB speaker on Android7.0 OS.

Our goal is to read data from arm shared memory from kernel space and then send it to USB speaker and achieve “real time” playback on USB speaker without any distortion.