How to enable bluetooth PAN function on hikey960

Hi everyone,
I need to enable PAN function of bluetooth on hikey960, which runs android.
Anyone knows how to enable this function?
Thank you.

There’s nothing really to enable.
Go into your bluetooth menu, touch the settings “gear” icon beside the connected device, and there is a check box that says “Internet Access”. Hit that button and it will hook up PAN.

But one thing to keep in mind, is that Android does not “remember” that setting, so it has to be re-enabled every time the bluetooth connects. Its easy enough to write a receiver to catch a bluetooth connection event and add a PAN connect. It should also be possible to implement such functionality in the CAR HAL for those working with automotive overlays.

I tried to click the check box, but nothing happen. So I wonder if it is support by hikey960 that run android with car radio mode.

It does work. In order for it to connect, it has to be supported by the other device, and be turned on. On Android, that would be under Network → Tethering → Bluetooth Tethering.

OK, I know how to setup it now.
Thank you.

I am testing the PAN function. And I think it might have bugs.
Bluetooth service will be stopped in a few seconds after I use the network.
Anyone has the same problem?