How to download the current vendor package with non-master AOSP

I just downloaded the android-12.0.0-r3 source that is not master branch. and I can’t find the " device/linaro/hikey/" to download the vendor package.

Is there any way to get the correct vendor package?


Support for the AOSP reference boards is maintained only for the latest AOSP mainline. Fixes for these boards are not backported to the numbered Android release branches.

I’m afraid that means the honest answer to your questions is “we don’t know”.

Generally speaking fixing hikey960 regressions on the maintenance branches means reviewing the changes to the mainline shortly after the maintainance branch is merged to mainline and look for any fixes to the device code (and then backporting it yourself). Whether this is feasible for you to do depends on how much time you have to invest bringing up a specific numbered version of AOSP on hikey960!