How to create a boot image

Hi all,

I have a bubblegum96 running the latest Linaro build. I built a new kernel that I want to test. How can I create a new boot image that I can flash?



Hi giulianopa,

For many people who bought the Bubblegum-96 would rebuild and customize the kernel and try with the new kernel.

Let me ask internally for the instructions on installing the new boot image from new kernel.

Thanks, Akira!

Hi Akira,

Do you have any news on this?




for how to flash the firmware to internal EMMC, I think it’s already public available… try to take a look at [1]

but for how to replace the kernel image, you don’t have to take that route…
you can simply boot into your favourite Linux OS (unfortunately it’s only debian 8.3 here ;-(

  1. mkdir /mnt/test

  2. mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt/test

  3. cp Image /mnt/test/

  4. umount /mnt/test

  5. reboot

to be save, you can test your kernel first, then make it as default
so replace the step 3) as

cp Image /mnt/test/Image.test

then stop the u-boot at bootup phase
setenv loadkernel fatload ${devtype} ${devpart} ${kernel_addr_r} Image.test
run emmcboot