How to copy files to the linux disk (*rpb.....img)?


I would like to copy some benchmarks (for example, geekbench and others) to the linux disk image (rbp*.img) in order to run them in the hikey 960.

Does anyone know how to copy files from the host linux to the linux disk running on the board?



Simplest way it to get networking going and use ssh. Not sure what status the WiFi is but a USB networking adapter should be able to workaround any limitiations!

Thanks Daniel,

I thought USB was not working. If that is the case, I can use a usb stick.

how do you enable USB? I run lsusb and get nothing


afaik usb only sort of works on 4.12 and I’ve seen builds on 4.12 that have wifi enabled but I never got it working on my wifi.

Thanks Ric,

Do you have a method to transfer files from/to the board to/from the host? So far, I have to get the file system into the host, copy there the files I want and create an img. It is a slow process…

nope, i’ll try the 4.12 kernel some day

There must be a way to copy the disk image from the board to the host computer. Something similar to flashing the board but on the opposite direction. Do you guys know if such possibility exits?

wifi and usb is working fine on 4.12 and also 4.9
wifi need some firmware files from or android


How do you make usb working?

I type:


And no USB appears. Normin the /dev/ folder



I build kernel from git

the 4.9 on the oe build has it enabled?

I didn’t install UEFI on my board maybe you should make some nice how to video :slight_smile:
But I simply build version from git