How to connect Mipi 4l display with dragon board 410c?

i have bought 1080p tft lcd display which has a interface mipi 4l i want to interface it with my dragon board 410c via the 60 pin high speed expansion connector.please help me on how i should do it.If a interface board is available please specify link in here.

There is a combined panel and adapter board available for pre-order:

I personally doubt there will ever be a standard interface board for LCDs since although there are strong electrical standards there are no standards for the physical connector making generic adapter boards difficult or impossible to produce. The best I can offer is the “DSI Display Porting Guide” which is included in the Dragonboard 410c documentation:

thank you very much for the reply but this only ships after may.I am having a time constraint to finish my work before april 1st week do you know any other way?

I’m afraid that I can’t think of anything off the shelf. As I said before there is the “DSI Display Porting Guide” provided by Qualcomm but you will likely have to build your own adapter board.