How to configure I2s interface to capture audio from mems mic

I need to interface four I2S mics to capture audio to DragonBoard 410c.

  1. What all changes to be done in kernel code?
  2. I have included the reference schematics to interface 4 mics to the 410c board. Can I interface in the same way I have represented to get the audio input?
  3. How can I synchronize the 4 mics inputI2S INTERFACES ?

Eh, db410c does not have i2s input capability. Check the i2s pins on the LS header, you will find that the input pin is listed as not connected.

As far as I know, all the other boards do have it hooked up. In particular, I have actually used i2s input on both hikey960 and dragonboard820c.

However, i2s only supports 2 channels per line and you’re trying to run 4+ channels. I’m not certain, but it may be possible to set the i2s OUTPUT pin on the db820c as a second INPUT line. Alternatively, you could use TDM mode if your microphones support this (doubtful, you’ll probably need to use an additional chip like the pcm1865 I’ve suggested previously). I don’t think there is any way to do anything besides 2 channel input on the hikey960, which I’ve heard is also a discontinued board.