How to configure and run remote analysis on the hikey960 board from my host PC for data collection


I would like to do a remote analysis and collect the hardware performance counter details from the host PC for the data collection.
Since the hikey960 is an android board, can I use the above link and perform the tasks.


I don’t think you can use Intel’s vtune for performance profiling on ARM platforms, IIUC, vtune is dedicated for x86 architecture.

Alternatively, I think for ARM platform, there have other performance profiling tools you could use:

  • Linux platform have some very good performance profiling tools, like eBPF, perf, Oprofile. AFAIK, all of them are supported for ARM64 platform.

  • For Android platform, systrace is a good candidate.

  • ARM has DS5 with Streamline Performance Analyzer, which is used to do performance profiling on ARM platform [1]. IMHO, this tool provides parity performance functionality like vtune for alive analyzer (To clarify I actually never use vtune). The only difference between DS5 and other tools is DS5 might need purchase for license, not sure if there have trail version or not.

  • Please check ARM LISA tool [2], I really think it’s a good performance analysis based on ipython and you could develop your own performance anlaysis scripts as needed. It supports Android platform.