How to config the DSI panel for SN65DSI83

Hi guys:
There was a issue confused me for a long time, I had used a bridge chip SN65DSI83 to conversion the MIPI to LVDS, and the SN65DSI83 driver almost ok, but I didn’t know how to config the panel, if you had made the SN65DSI83 work normally, please share the chip driver and MIPI DSI panel’s .dtsi for me, my e-mail is:
Thank you!

Hi @cingcing

There are two parts to the setup of a display:

  1. you need to describe the connectivity, these are the changes you have already made to the device tree to get the SN65DSI83 somewhat working.
  2. You also need to describe the timing information, this is dependent upon the panel you have connected. In general every panel is different, hence you will need to look at the datasheet for the specific panel you have selected. Take a look at Documentation/devicetree/bindings/display/panel/display-timing.txt for more info.

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Hi ljking:
Thanks for your help at first,.
For 1): I had add the SN65DSI83 to device tree,and now it can read/write by i2c.
For 2): I had config it. and what confused me is the initialize sequence:
Init seq1 After power is applied and stable, all DSI input lanes including DSI CLK(DA × P/N, DB x P/N) must be driven to LP11 state.
Init seq2 Assert the EN pin
Init seq3 Wait for 1 ms for the internal voltage regulator to stabilize
Init seq4 Initialize all CSR registers to their appropriate values based on the implementation. (The SN65DSI83 device is not functional until the CSR registers are initialized.)
Init seq5 Start the DSI video stream
Init seq6 Set the PLL_EN bit(CSR 0x0D.0)
Init seq7 Wait for a minimum of 3 ms
Init seq8 Set the SOFT_RESET bit (CSR 0x09.0)

About “Init seq1”, How to driven MIPI to LP11 state, also the “Init seq5”?

And now, I had try to driver it in lk, it may takes me 2-3 days,and I will feedback my debug status.

Hi cingcing:

I am using the same solution.
Please share a solution. I beg you.

please refer this (dsi2lvds)

for SN65DSI83 chip sequencing may be different

I have additional questions.
Did you control the brightness of the backlight?