How to change HDMI Resolution and Speed


Hi. I would like to set different resolutions for the HDMI from a program I am running on the Dragonboard. I saw this post, which mentioned xrandr: 4K HDMI not working with linaro release for DB820c
Is this a good way, or only way to change the resolution/speed of the display? Are there other ways or utilities?


1.) You can select HDMI resolution by going LXqt settings in Desktop.
2.) If it’s a non-standard HDMI resolution try to go through below blog.


Hi Parbatha,

The user won’t have access to the Desktop (no mouse or keyboard attached), so it sounds like I should try using xrandr/cvt to set the hdmi display on the fly. Basically, the user is going to want to change the hdmi resolution on the fly through an ARM program that is running on the dragonboard.