How to build "sec_uce_boot.img or sec_fastboot.img" for debugging UFS init & R/W flow



If any possibility to share any one of below images how to build it .
as long as it relate to UFS init flow and read/write behavior?

Ref :


As I understand you will not get the desired answer here :frowning:
You should simply use them without debug.
Nobody even knows what them for.


Good to hear that . at least share to whom may having this “desired”,too. :slight_smile:
Thanks Lo~ Sir.


urw :slight_smile:

Me too glad to see that I’m not alone.

btw, I’ve asked similar question before, but unfortunately wasn’t satisfied by present answers.
That was a thread - What is Hikey960 mechanism of booting? .

I wish for both of us a good luck!


sec_uce_boot.img is a very small binary with the 4K header, containing some kind of digital signature. Disassembling it is a feasible task, even using objdump -D :wink:
It is not clear why there is no published source code for hikey_idt.c,
since uses more or less the same (if not identical) packet protocol.


Anyway, seems like binary code is encrypted, so objdump will not help. :frowning:
The only available information is a build date, which is “Apr 1 2017”.
This binary is kind of April fools’ day joke? :slight_smile:


The strings in the text segment are not encrypted, why do you think that the code is encrypted ?


Yes, you’re right. Code is not encrypted.