How to ask for (and receive) technical help on the internet

There seems to be a wide range in the quality of the questions asked in this forum.
Maybe we can learn from other forums as to what has worked for them?

In that spirit I share these:


awesome, this needs to me pinned down on every form.

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Thanks @barryb . I think we’d do well to start pushing for “better questions”.

Having said that, whilst I’ve been occasionally tempted to refer people to the esr document, I don’t do it very often. Most of the document contains very good advice (it is definitely worth a read) but I find that its tone is a bit harsh. Being told in the Introduction that you may be regarded as a loser if you ask a suboptimal question means that I’m not happy to send someone who has just asked a suboptimal question to read it.

On the other hand I really like the first link you posted. It’s much more positive sounding, more concise and is full of examples that are really well aligned to how best to ask 96Boards related questions.

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I would agree with that summary of the two links.

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