How to access phone book through bluetooth on Hikey960


I am running android with car radio mode on hikey960. Bluetooth function works well, but I can’t get phone book of my phone. Anyone knows how to enable this function?
Thank you.


You’re looking for PBAP client profile (Phone Book Access Profile). According to Google it seems to be supported:, note that the connection needs to be instantiated from the IVI (android auto) and not from the source device (Mobile Phone).


Yes, that is what I am looking for. Thank you. :slight_smile:


It seems that PBAP client has been enabled.

So I just need an app to fetch data from my phone?


Did you enable CONTACT SHARING on your phone’s bluetooth settings?


Yes, I enable the setting.


On you PHONE.
Because that is all you need to do and it will transfer the contacts, user images, and call history.


Yes, I enable the setting on my phone.
So it is not normal that I can’t see my contacts on hikey960?


What phone? Did you try with your ANDROID phone? or are you stuck on the apple?


I tried both android and iphone, the same result.


Did you actually look in the contacts application?


Yes, there is no data there.
So android auto has PBAP client function by default, right?


Android AUTOMOTIVE (Android “Auto” is something entirely different).
Yes, it seems to “just work”. I can’t explain yours. It transfers contacts immediately upon connection.


Maybe I should borrow another phone from my friends and try again.


I tried again today, and it can work properly.
But before it can access my phone’s contacts, I have to disable the setting of contacts sharing on hikey960 first and enable it again. Then contacts can show on screen.