How to accelerate denoising and sharpening of raw data from an IR sensor on DragonBoard 410c


I would like to accelerate the denoising and sharpening of raw data coming from an infra red sensor.
I have a dragonboard 410c. I have no reason to use android 5.1 (which is the supported android version, as far as I can see here : and therefore thinking to use Debian

I believe the ISP can not be used. I suppose it’s customized for RGB sensor (I may be wrong though) and anyway I have no idea how it can be used

My preliminary idea was to use GPU through openCL, which I believe is the right level of abstraction of the GPU for such algorithms. But apparently openCL is not part of debian. Is openCL part of android 5.1 ?

Offloading on the Hexagon DSP could be an alternative, but I believe this would be less efficient compared to the GPU. I understand that the various options to offload on the hexagon DSP are fastRPC, halide, or fastCV.
FastCV is an qualcomm specific computer vision api and I can’t see many code examples. It’s certainly not part of debian and I am not sure part of android 5.1
FastRPC seems to be the right level of abstration but I feel it’s more complicated to use compared to openCL. and also I am not sure its part of debian and android 5.1
Eventually halide seems to be a nice option, but I am not sure it’s part of debian and android 5.1

Any advice you could bring ?
Philippe L