How to able the mini usb port in board

Hi Loic,

I use the guide of “How to disable camera sensors in dtsi in Kernel.” and then I create the new boot.img with dtb file.

However, when I install the image, I’m in touble. I can’t reboot with fastboot mode and I find that the mini usb port can’t use. How can I able this usb port. Could you give me some tips?

To get into fastboot, hold S4 button while powering up the device. Then, if “sudo fastboot devices” doesn’t work, try again or try “adb reboot-bootloader”. If adb works but not fastboot, I’m out of options, if both don’t work, try another USB cable. This has worked for me.

Hi Genoil,

Thank for your reply! Can the USB type A use in fastboot mode? I will try your method.


No only micro USB port