How make boot image on Android kernel?

Hello, I’m currently trying to port Linux (Any kind of linux…) on Hikey960.

And I follow below page to build kernel,
( )
So I could get Image.gz and hi3660-hikey960.dtb.
(I didn’t build android framework yet, becoz i need only linux kernel…)

and next step,
I copied dtb and Image.gz-hikey960(just renamed Image.gz) to directory where I performed build kernel
and run ’ make bootimage -j24 ’

I was asked initial kernel configuration question and finally I got ‘there is no bootimage’ cmd…

What am i doing wrong??

and if I want to get linaro4.9 kernel for hikey960,
from where can I get the kernel code, which include hikey960 deconfig is included??
I downloaded (becoz git clone returned fail…) linaro LSK 4.9 as a zip file source code,
there was not hikey960 deconfig file…

Please help me~
My boss is watching me~!!!

Have you executed below commands to prepare Android building?

. ./build/
lunch hikey960-userdebug

As Leo-yan said first you have to run
. ./build/
lunch hikey960-userdebug
Then copy your image and dtb to device/linaro/hikey-kernel and do make -j4 instead of make bootimage.
Make bootimage will generate only boot.img but not dt.img.

Hello, Thanks, I finally find it in the Android source code… I was searching it in Kernel source. Thanks!

I was in the wrong directory, in the kernel source code, not in the Android source code. Thanks!