How good is the board

Hello All,

I’m looking into the Dragon 410C. It seems to have the onboard GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth and I can attach external antennae. I plan on running android. How good is the android build for this board? I’m going to do a carputer project and really need the base of the OS solid. Some of the other SBCs are still in a beta mode with issues with hardware and software.

The raspberry pi community is great but no android support on their board.

Hi @queonda,

Difficult question. :slight_smile:

I personally think the DragonBoard 410C is great!

It may have glitches for using all GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth at the same time but other then that I would appreciate it for getting one and giving us your precious feedback.

The Android install is solid. It’s only lacking the google play option out of the box, but that violates IP issues & adds bloat. You have root via adb, so assuming you know how to use Android, you are in good shape.

I’m on the fence… Android on Dragonboard is much easier, but very restrictive (just the nature of the OS). Debian on Dragonboard is open, extremely versatile, but unstable in the “GPS/WIFI/Bluetooth” at the same time department. Aarch64 is so new and there is limited support, so there’s a learning curve.

All that said, I suspect it won’t be long before all of those issues are sorted on android & debian for dragonboard. All-in-all, it is far superior device than most of what is on the market for SBC.

Thanks for the feedback. I just bought my board and going to give it a try. I saw mentioned the WIKI resources but I cannot seem to find it.


If you are going to use it with Android take into consideration that the OS is not as smooth as it should be, i have a small cheap android box with very smooth navigation in the system menu compared to DB410c